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Finding the RER Stations within Zone 1

Click here for a RER map. (© RATP)

With your Ticket T+, you can use the RER System to travel to any of the following RER stations located within Zone 1. If you ride the RER train beyond Zone 1, you will be fined by Transit Controllers. In French, contrôleur means "an inspector" or "agent."

RER A (red line)

Note: Tourists frequently make the mistake of using a Ticket T+ to ride the RER A from Paris (Zone 1) to La Défense Station (Zone 3). Transit Controllers will fine you, because the Ticket T+ is not valid outside Zone 1 in the RER system.

RER B (blue line)

RER C (yellow line)

RER D (green line)

RER E (purple line)