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Choosing between a Ticket T+ or an Origine-Destination Ticket

You can use a Ticket T+ to ride the RER to any RER station within Paris (Zone 1). However, to ride the RER or a SNCF commuter train outside Zone 1, you will need an Origine-Destination ticket. Fares are determined by the number of zones (1-6) traveled from your origin station to the destination station.

Note: RER express trains bypass stations depending on the time of day and passenger demand. Meanwhile, the Transilien-SNCF commuter trains systematically stop at all stations along their route.

Buying your Ticket at the Ticket Counter or Ticket Vending Machine

You can buy an Origine-Destination ticket at most Metro or RER stations. It is also available at the Transilien-SNCF ticket counter. Make sure you see the Transilien-SNCF logo posted at the ticket counter.

If the lines at the ticket counter are crowded, you can buy a ticket at the automated ticket vending machines. They are located next to the ticket counter or in the corridors.

Note: The Transilien-SNCF is a branch of the SNCF, which provides rail services to the Île-de-France region, Paris (Zone 1) and the suburbs (Zones 2-6).

Finding a Transilien-SNCF Ticket Vending Machine

The Transilien-SNCF ticket vending machines are green or blue with the words, “Billetterie: Île-de-France.” Because there are several types of vending machines available (for example: TGV tickets), look for the posted Transilien-SNCF logo.

Operating the Billetterie: Île-de-France Ticket Machine

The Billetterie: Île-de-France ticket machine uses a touch screen (RATP ticket machine uses a roller bar and buttons). There is a British flag in the upper right-hand corner on the main menu screen. Touch this image and the instructions will be in English.

Note: The vending machines accept coins and credit cards embedded with a smart card. Unfortunately, most U.S. credit and debit cards with only a magnetic strip won’t work.

Validating your Origine-Destination Ticket

When you enter the turnstiles at a Metro or RER station, your ticket is automatically validated. However, there are some train stations that have direct access to the platforms. In this situation, you must manually validate your ticket. Look for the validating machine with the posted Transilien-SNCF logo next to the ticket counter or at the platform entrance.

Note: In French, composteur means "validating machine" and composter means "to validate."

Operating the Validating Machine

With the magnetic strip facing upward, place your ticket in the stamp slot. Slide it to the LEFT until the machine stamps your ticket.

Note: Keep your ticket until you exit the Metro or RER station. Transit Controllers will issue a fine if your ticket is not properly validated.