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Using the RER

RER commuter trains run conveniently seven days a week, including holidays, from about 5:30 a.m. until 12:30 a.m. (This varies slightly at different stations.)

Entering the RER

Look on the RER map to find the letter, color and end-station of the line that goes to your destination. Then head for the nearest station on that line. The name of the station will be posted near the entrance.

Look for the sign with a big RER logo. Follow the steps down to the station lobby. Once inside, you will find a large RER map posted, which you can use to plan your route.

Planning your Route on the RER Map

The RER map is the key to your travel success. Getting to your destination is easy once you become familiar with the various lines and directions.

Using the Ticket Counter

Traveling outside Zone 1 requires a special ticket called the Billet Ile-de-France (bill-AY ill-duh-FRAHNZ), rather than a normal Metro Ticket T+. You can purchase your Billet Ile-de-France at any Metro or RER station ticket counter.

At the ticket counter an employee should be able to assist you; some do speak English. You can pay for your ticket there with euros, or a U.S. or European credit card.

Note: Do not fold, bend or crumple your ticket. It will not go through the slot in the turnstile. See the attendant at the ticket window for help if you have any problems. Keep your ticket in a place where it will stay flat.

Entering the Turnstiles

Once you have your ticket or pass in hand, then you are ready to head to the trains. Hold on to your ticket, as Transit Controllers conduct ticket checks periodically and may ask to see it. You may also need it to change to Metro lines, transfer to another RER line, or exit via the turnstiles at your destination.

Note: Your ticket or pass (Mobilis Pass, Paris Visite Pass and Navigo Découverte Pass) must be paid for the necessary number of zones to your destination to be valid.

Following the RER Signs to the Platform

Once you have walked through the RER turnstile, follow the signs for the direction that you want to travel. They will lead you to the right train platform.

Note: Pay special attention to the RER line letter, color and end-station, to make sure you are going to the right train.

Walking Long Corridors

Be advised that you will have to do a fair amount of walking inside the corridors. Once you pass through the turnstile, you may stroll through notoriously long passageways to reach your platform. Although along the way, you may also find Paris street buskers — musicians, mimes and other entertainers who play for tips — to lighten the journey.

Reading the Platform Sign

Before you get to the platform, you will see a detailed sign that tells you the line’s letter and in which direction the train will be traveling. It also lists all of the stops (stations) on the way to the indicated end station.

Take a moment to read this sign and make sure the station you want is listed. If you do not see your station, then you are probably in the wrong place. Stop and confirm your destination (end station) before continuing.